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Achterhoeks Openluchtmuseum (Erve Kots) (open air museum)

Rosmolen Erve Kots

Unique appearance

The Rosmolen Erve Kots is a unique appearance in the Erve Kots open-air museum in Lievelde. Initially this mill was used as a grist mill and was located on the farm of S.J.J. Geesink in Lievelde. However, later a fully intact oil mill appeared in the shed of G.J.J. Geesink in Lievelde.

The driving gear of this oil mill was acquired by the former owner, G.J. Weenink van Erve Kots, when the barn was to be converted into a cattle shed. In 1963, the driving gear was transported to its new destination with great care. The building for the oil mill itself, beautifully constructed in half-timbered bricks, was not completed until 1968 and the driving gear was completed in 1972.

Rosmolen Erve Kots (01)

There is a stable in the mill for the horse

This mill has a deadbed with edge stones and a striking block with one loading. In addition, there is also a slam heath and a loose heath. However, this mill does not have a pestle. There is also a fist for heating the flour and a jaw for stripping the cookies. There is a stable in the mill for the horse. - Achterhoeks Openluchtmuseum (Erve Kots) - Kantstenen Achterhoeks Openluchtmuseum (Erve Kots) - Heien

Part of the museum

Nowadays, De Rosmolen Erve Kots can be admired as part of the museum. The Rosolie Mill is in operation on various Craft Days throughout the year.

More information can be found at: - Achterhoeks Openluchtmuseum (Erve Kots) - Slagbank


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Achterhoeks Openluchtmuseum (Erve Kots)