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De Kilsdonkse Molen

De Kilsdonk mill has a long history. One that goes back to the Middle Ages. The main propulsion is water. Possibly, which almost never happens, it can also be driven by wind. - De Kilsdonkse Molen - Heeswijk-Dinther

The origin

Originally, De Kilsdonkse Molen consisted of two water mills. Only later did the unique combination of a water escape mill with a water mill emerge.

One mill equipped with a sail cross and water wheel and the other only with a water wheel: a corn and oil mill respectively.

The entire complex was destroyed by fire in 1842 and rebuilt in its current form that same year. In 1880, both water wheels were removed and corn could only be milled using wind power, after which it fell into disrepair.

The oil mill served as a home until 1954 and as a mill for the flour and corn trade of the Potters family until the end of the 20th century. - De Kilsdonkse Molen - Heeswijk-Dinther

Back in full glory

When research showed that it was possible to restore the mill to its original state, the mill came back to life. The restoration and reconstruction started in 2003, after which HRH Prince Johan Friso put the unique water escape mill into operation on May 8, 2009. Since then, the Netherlands and Europe have gained a unique mill complex with a visitor center. - De Kilsdonkse Molen - Heeswijk-Dinther

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De Kilsdonkse Molen