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De Ooievaar (stork)

De Ooievaar is one of the four oil mills of the De Zaansche Molen association. This oil mill, which has been in its current location since 1669, has a long history. In 1955, the dilapidated mill came into the possession of the association. After a thorough restoration, the mill was put back into use to demonstrate and preserve the oil-mining craft.

For many years now he has been proudly staring across the water of the Zaan at his neighbor across the street in Zaandijk: the flour mill De Bleeke Dood. Now that he plays regularly, it seems as if he wants to say: ‘That’s your name, dear neighbor, but I’m far from it!’ - De Ooievaar - Zaandam

De Ooievaar wordt verplaatst

De Ooievaar was originally built in 1622 as an oil mill in Assendelft, but moved to its current location in 1669. This mill has stood proudly in the Zaan landscape for centuries, but is now surrounded by the Duyvis factory. The past and future side by side.

This means that access over public land is not possible. In 2015, after winning the mill prize, the harbor and crane corridor were brought back and the mill was completely restored again. Now there is the possibility to reach the mill via the water. - De Ooievaar - Zaandam

Grinding of shells and processing cocoa waste

In addition to oil beating, the mill has also been used for grinding shells and processing cocoa waste. Now oil is extracted from linseed again. During the last restoration, the original oil cellars were restored. Not enough oil is minted to actually use it. Fittingly, Saendijck Windmill Factory is located in the mill barn. - De Ooievaar - Zaandam

Diederik Sonoyweg 19
1509BR Zaandam
The Netherlands

De Zaansche Molen – De Ooievaar