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De Windlust

De windmill was founded in 1872 by Jacobus Bruekers in Nederweert, after which the mill successively fell into the hands of Martinus Bruekers from about 1880. The fact that this mill is still there, or rather, is standing again, is actually a miracle. On October 5, 1944, the mill was virtually destroyed after it was set on fire by a German shock troop. The remains of the interior were removed in 1947. What remained was a burnt out and damaged hull.

Nothing seemed to happen to this disfigured mill remnant until it became the property of the Nederweert notary J.M. Stassen. He had the mill restored at his own expense between 1979 and 1993, thus putting an almost lost monument back on the map. That meant a lot. Not only the stone hull had to be thoroughly restored, with the exception of the upper axle, everything is actually new. - Windlust - Nederweert - Windlust - Nederweert

From black to white

In the autumn of 2009, work began on the reconstruction of the oil hammer on the ground floor of this mill, based on what was found during excavations in the mill. This is done in close collaboration between the Adriaens mill and several technical schools in the region. In the summer of 2011 this work was ready for use.

In 2010 the mill hull was partially whitened. It was once completely tarred black. In the spring of 2022, both rods were lowered for inspection and the mill received a new tail beam.

Flags colored by children

When the sails on the blades were over 30 years old there were a few holes in them. Schoolchildren from the area colored flags attached to the sails with the colorful and unique result as you can see in the top photo on this page.

Mill The Windlust is the only windmill in Limburg that produces oil and is therefore unique in its kind. The conveyor belt and hammer bench with which this is done are in use more often. Millers show visitors around and let everyone experience how the oil extracter used to work with his impressive machine. - Windlust - Nederweert

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