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Holten’s Molen

Holten’s Molen in Deurne is a mill with three functions that was and is still used as a small-scale village business. Milling is done for bakers, families and mill shops, and oil is minted for painters of wood and metal. And trees are sawn in the sawmill to be processed into benches and tables. The mill used to belong to the Holten family and since 1993 it has belonged to a foundation with about 25 volunteers.

Oil mill history

A few years after the construction of the mill in 1890, Louis Holten, builder-owner, took over the furnishings of the oil mill from the estate of a water mill in Horst. This was placed at the bottom of the mill. After a short interruption, the oil work was in use until 1940. The drive was then also provided by a Deutch engine. After 1945 the oil work was demolished. An edge stone  was placed against the belt. In the early 1950s, milling also stopped and the sawmill continued. The mill fell into disrepair and the municipality even applied for a demolition permit in 1989.

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A number of mill enthusiasts then bought the mill from the municipality in 1993 to renovate it and turn it into a working mill in the state of 1900. When it reopened in 1998, grinding and oil extraction brought the mill back to life. . Some parts of the old oil mill have been reused. The tracks in the mill and the remains of the old oil mill were the basis for the reconstruction. The beating bench and edge stones came from the Wanroy horse mill and were indispensable. It is a simple farmer’s percussion.

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The employees of the various activities of Holten’s Molen are all volunteers: board members, the milling team, the oil extracters, shop ladies, the sawyers and the volunteers for educational purposes. Almost everyone can help with other activities. This allows e.g. excursions for young and old with varying guides and millers are carried out. The explanation and demonstration of oil striking is an important part of this. This way the stories about the old technology come back to life. The production of linseed oil is carried out on a few days during the week. This can be done with an auxiliary motor or with the wind.

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