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Molen De Hoop - Molen -De Hoop - Oldebroek

Flour mill, peel mill and oil mill

Molen De Hoop in Oldebroek is the only mill in the Netherlands with the function of Flour mill, peel mill and oil mill. Built in 1853 by Kornelis Blaauw. The oilworks were decommissioned around 1900 and the mill was no longer in use from the 1950s onwards. The arrival of diesel and electric engines meant that there was no longer any dependence on the wind. - Molen De Hoop - Oldebroek

Princess Beatrix

The interior of the mill has been restored since 2011. And in 2016, De Hoop was officially reopened by Princess Beatrix, in her role as patroness of the De Hollandsche Molen Association. - Molen De Hoop - Oldebroek

Edge stones

The oil work has been rebuilt as of 2019. The edge stones that were previously used in the outbuildings to make feed in the cattle feed mixing company were lying at the back of the garden waiting for reuse. And it worked. - Molen De Hoop - Oldebroek


Zuiderzeestraatweg 252
8096CJ Oldebroek
The Netherlands

Molen De Hoop