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Olie- en korenmolen Woldzigt

The location for the mill is mainly determined by the existing port of Roderwolde. Right opposite the harbor, the mill was built in 1852 and converted into an oil mill by millwright Jan van der Heide from Leek. The clients were the two brothers-in-law Datema and Aukema.

Thanks to the port, the supply of raw materials (line saw and later the grains to be milled) and the removal of the products could be ensured at this (as yet illogical location).

The eye-catching building was occupied by the miller in the right wing and by the mill hand in the left wing.

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On the miller’s side, under the floor of the so-called “platten”, 4 tiled oil cellars have been created, each with a capacity of 20,000 liters. These are interconnected and the oil produced in the deposit flowed directly into these cellars. There was a wooden pump in each cellar for later pumping up the oil.

A year after the foundation of Woldzigt (after the correct permit had been obtained), a pair of millstones was placed.

Oliemolens.nl - Olie- en korenmolen Woldzigt - Roderwolde (Noordenveld)

Steam locomotive

In order to be able to produce even when there is no wind, a Deutz petroleum engine was installed around 1902. This was replaced around 1906 by a steam locomobile, followed in 1918 by a Heinrich Lanz locomobile. In old photos the chimney can still be seen behind the left wing of the mill complex.

From 1902 to 1919, the mill was owned by Jan Rietema from Leens, who acquired it at an auction.

Oliemolens.nl - Olie- en korenmolen Woldzigt - Roderwolde (Noordenveld)

Coöperatieve Zuivelfabriek Roden-Zevenhuizen

In 1919, the Coöperatieve olieslagerij korenmalerij Woldzigt G.A. owner of the mill. Master servant Jan Faber became the manager at this time. In 1941, the oil mill was closed by order of the occupying forces and production was taken over by Unilever.

In 1945 the mill was taken over by the Coöperatieve Zuivelfabriek Roden-Zevenhuizen. Jan Faber was succeeded by Frederik van der Velde, who had worked at the mill since 1925. He was manager until October 31, 1961. In 1945 (when the Cooperative took over the mill) an electrically driven grinding chair with under-drive was placed at the bottom of the mill and the steam engine was demolished. Later this electric motor was also used to drive the oil stroke.

Oliemolens.nl - Olie- en korenmolen Woldzigt - Roderwolde (Noordenveld)

Enthusiastic volunteer millers and oil butchers

Every first Saturday of the month and on special days, such as National Mill Day, Drenthe Mill Day and Open Monument Days, oil is still minted in Woldzigt by a group of enthusiastic volunteer millers and oil butchers. When there is insufficient wind, the old electric motor still performs its task.

The interior is still largely as it was built in 1852.


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Olie- en korenmolen Woldzigt