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The Olieslaan Commission has taken the initiative to add the oil-pressing craft to the Intangible Heritage of the Netherlands inventory. The Olieslaan Committee consists of the Woldzigt oil and flour mill, the Eerbeekse Oliemolen and Noordmolen Twickel. This initiative has been developed into a complete description of the oil-mining craft and added to the inventory.

After the credit has been added, you cannot sit back and then remain in the inventory forever. Part of the description is an assurance plan with improvement and action points to continue to preserve the craft for the future. The progress and implementation of this is monitored by Intangible Heritage Netherlands.

The implementation and progress of the assurance actions is coordinated by the Olieslaan Commission.

To date, Oliemolens.nl has been based on voluntary cooperation between those involved and is not organized on the basis of a foundation. If there is a need for this or if this becomes necessary, this will still be done.

Guarantee actions

  • In consultation with Vereniging De Hollandsche Molen to jointly draw up a PR plan for the craft.
  • In consultation with Vereniging De Hollandsche Molen to jointly develop a teaching package for wind and water mills in which the craft of oil pressing is explained to children.
  • Bundle and store important documents and archives in one central archive and/or digitize them and make them accessible.
  • Breathe new life into the Guild of Oil Butchers by registering it with the Chamber of Commerce Developing a website for the Oil Butchers Guild.
  • Together with the owners of mills, investigate whether the mills can be made (more) accessible to people with a physical disability.
  • Prepare an audio guide for non-native speakers (not English and German).
  • To maintain a healthy financial position, look for other sources of income: entrance tickets, sales of souvenirs, offering refreshments, renting out wedding locations, meeting packages, etc.
Oliemolens.nl - Logo - Commissie Olieslaan

Our corporate identity

The basis of our corporate identity is established with the logo above. The color of the letters of the word represents the color of linseed oil. The font was developed based on medieval manuscripts. The striking bench is made of brown wood. The blue of the flax flower was used as a supporting color.


For contact and information about the oil mills, you can contact the mills listed on the website of the oil mill in question.

To contact the Olieslaan Commission, you can complete the contact form below.

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