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The current Oostendorper watermill has not always been in its current location. This mill was originally located between the Lankheterbrug and the Veddersbrug. This mill must have been built around 1400, after the Buurserbeek and the Vedde were connected through Deventer. Remnants of this mill were found during work there on the Buurserbeek in the 1920s and 1930s in the form of heavy oak beams.


A report dated February 17, 1545 from the imperial commissioner Jan van Oostendorp regarding the domain goods in the Haaksbergen office states that the mill was in a very dilapidated state. That is why a new mill was built on the grounds of Oostendorp, the current location. On September 18, 1548, the first grain could be milled again. The oil mill could not yet be put into operation at that time, because the millstones were still missing; These may have been lost during transport from Deventer to Haaksbergen.

Over the years, the mills have fallen into disrepair and been rebuilt several times. In 1946, the oil mill was even completely washed away during heavy weather. Afterwards, architect Jan Jans rebuilt the mill in a romantic style. However, the doors were locked and decay soon set in.

Oliemolens.nl - Oostendorper watermolen - Haaksbergen
Oliemolens.nl - Oostendorper watermolen - Haaksbergen

The last restauration

In the eighties, the (tourist) importance of the double mill was rediscovered and the mill was returned to its original state. On January 2, 1988, the mayor of Haaksbergen, Drs. J.D. Gabor, the last stone laid in connection with the restoration carried out.

The volunteers

Since that time, the mills have been run by a large number of enthusiastic volunteers who press oil and grind corn and sell their own products in a small shop.

Oliemolens.nl - Oostendorper watermolen - Haaksbergen


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