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Watermolen ‘t Coll

Watermolen ‘t Coll is located on the Kleine Dommel, on the border between Eindhoven and Nuenen. Centuries of impoundment of the water by the millers has created a unique nature reserve upstream. The gradient at the mill is approximately 1 meter. The mill still has the  Molenrecht or stowage right.

Watermolen ‘t Coll consists of two mill buildings, each with its own function, a flour mill and an oil mill. The first mentions of the water mill go back to the 14th century. The wooden furnishings of the flour mill have always been preserved. In 1977, the flour mill was put back into operation on the initiative of Piet van Bussel and his son Edwin.

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Vincent van Gogh

The oil mill had lost its function for more than 100 years. The oil percussion has also disappeared. In 1999, the oil mill building was restored thanks to subsidies from the municipality of Eindhoven and the EU. The mill building was again equipped with a water wheel and a red roof. The oil mill was given the appearance as seen in the painting by Vincent van Gogh.

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Disappeared horse mill in Vlaanderen

In 2003, after technical elaborations by P. van Bussel and various subsidies, an oil percussion unit could be installed again. The work was carried out by millwright Beijk. The edge stones and the stone of the deathbed come from a disappeared horse mill in Vlaanderen. Before the new oil hammering equipment could be installed, a large number of foundation piles were driven at the locations of the collet gangway and hammer bench.

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Watermolen ‘t Coll