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De Zoeker

De Zoeker oil mill was built in 1673. In 1925 the mill, standing in the open field near Zaandijk, was hit by a tornado. Thus, yet another mill was in danger of disappearing. In an attempt to save the mill, mill enthusiast Frans Mars called on Zaankanters to join together. Two weeks later, the De Zaansche Molen association was a fact and the mill was saved. - De Zoeker - Zaandam

From oil to cocoa waste

The Seeker has had various functions. Of course, as an oil mill for a very long time. After 1891, Dezoeker was converted into a paint mill. In 1912 the mill was also used for grinding shells and processing cocoa waste. This did not last long because in 1914 oil was struck again with the inner workings of the Wheel of Adventure. Until a tornado paralyzed the mill in 1925. - De Zoeker - Zaandam

World news

In 1968 the mill had to make way for a new residential area. A spectacular move to the Kalverringdijk on the Zaanse Schans followed. The move became world news, because the mill body was lifted in its entirety over the track. An Urban Legend has it that the two millwrights Nico Maas and Gerrit Smit had been inside the body and watched from behind a window! - De Zoeker - Zaandam

Peanut oil

Peanut oil is now minted almost every day at tDe Zoeker mill. This peanut oil, or arachis oil, is processed into consumer oil. This clear peanut oil has a high boiling point and is therefore ideal for stir-frying, baking and frying. Perfect for sauces, mayonnaise and dressings. Of course for sale at De Zaansche Molen. - De Zoeker - Zaandam

Kalverringdijk 31
1509BT Zaandam
The Netherlands

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